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HHC 7.3.1 for IOS now available on App Store

We are pleased to announce that Handheld Contact 7.3.1, the latest IOS build for Handheld Contact, is now available in the App Store. Like before, it has been submitted as a "soft launch", meaning you may not see it amongst your available program updates on your iPhone or iPad.

The 7.3.1 build includes bug fixes, compatibility updates, and performance improvements. 

To get this latest build, you will have to search for "Handheld Contact" in the App Store (do NOT download "Handheld Contact Legacy" or attempt to update Legacy with this build), and click "Get" to download and update to the latest version. If you see the "Open" option instead of "Get", you will need to delete the Handheld Contact program from your device, and reinstall the software with this latest build.


2017-10-29 15:14:12

HHC 7.3 for IOS to be released the week of October 9th

We have just completed the final beta process for HHC 7.3, the next build for IOS users of Handheld Contact, and we’ll be submitting it to Apple this weekend for a scheduled release between late Tuesday or Wednesday (approximation).

Upgrade vs Reinstall
Step One: Complete a Handheld Contact device sync before initiating this delete/resend process to ensure all changes on your device get sent to Act!.

Step Two: For those using the Legacy version of Handheld Contact (namely 7.1.2), you will not be able to upgrade directly to HHC 7.3 because Apple considers this a different product with a different name.


2017-10-06 15:58:00

Handheld Contact Legacy (HHC 7.1.2) is now available on App Store

Handheld Contact Legacy (HHC 1.0) is now available on App Store​, and customers are free to revert back to this previous production build if they so choose. Those wishing to do so, should be aware of the following:

  1. ​As this is not an "upgraded" release, you cannot install this version over top of an existing 7.2.x release. You will have to delete your old App and use your HHC computer software to "Resend all data to Handheld device"
  2. While this is the old 7.1.2 production build of Handheld Contact, this new version must be versioned as "Handheld Contact Legacy 1.0" according to Apple's product release rules
  3. If you choose to upgrade to the current production HHC app (7.2.x), or some later release (7.3.x), you will have to delete the HHC Legacy version and install the new production App. Once this is done, you will be required to resend all data to your device. As this is an entirely new branded product, there is no upgrade path to new releases.
  4. No updates will be made to this Legacy 1.0 release. If you update your device to IOS11, we will not be supporting the older version in this operating system.

​For more detailed setup instructions for Handheld Contact Legacy, please visit:



2017-09-26 13:48:44

What's old is new again!

As the President of Handheld Contact,  wanted to update all our resellers on some HHC developments.

Today we will be compiling our next HHC build for IOS, namely version 7.3, and submitting it to both internal and external testing. Depending on the feedback we receive, we intend to release this new build next week. However, to avoid disrupting our customers any further, we have submitted to Apple a product called "Handheld Contact Legacy", which is the old 7.1.2 build that was in production before the upgrade (please note, Apple rules require us to brand this release 1.0).

Make no mistake, we're absolutely committed to the upgrade roadmap we're on, but we don't wish to rush our testing, or inconvenience our customers any more than we already have. Bottom line is we're giving them the choice of which product to use, and choice is always good.


2017-09-22 13:18:00

Handheld Contact 7.2.2 Update for IOS

Please note that a new build for Handheld Contact is now available through the App Store for IOS devices, and includes the following fixes:

  • Fix for all mapped custom fields not displaying on device
  • Fix for keyword search not working with full contact names
  • Fix for display issues with recurring activities where they would either display on the wrong day, or on too many dates
  • Performance improvement with Monthly calendar

Please note: We discovered an issue with Monthly view for German and French customers over the weekend which we'll address this week. Version 7.3 is scheduled for release later this week, or early next, and we intend to roll this fix into that build. Customers that have trouble updating to 7.2.2 are being asked to delete their existing App and download HHC again from the App Store, and then initiate a resend-all from their HHC computer software.

This is the third update in one week to address critical display issues reported by our customers.

While the integrity of the information syncing between Act! and Handheld Contact was never at issue, the accuracy of the data being displayed on IOS devices was not what our customers have come to expect. 

Please accept our apologies for the disruption created these past few days. While the roll out of the fully rewritten version of our IOS application did not go as planned, we are now on better footing to build for the future. Handheld Contact subscribers can now look forward in the coming weeks and months to support for Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, Mapping of Contact Searches, and improved searches in HHC that could not have been possible under the previous software architecture.

Thank you again for your patience and loyalty. If you have any questions regarding your account details or technical inquiries about updating your IOS device or using your HHC computer software, please either email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click HERE for our online knowledge base.


2017-09-18 08:58:09
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