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How Act! CRM can help businesses comply with GDPR

What is the GDPR?
The GDPR applies to the use and storage of personal information of European citizens from 25 May 2018. All organisations world-wide need to comply with them if they want to comply with European law. The GDPR has an organisation-wide impact and this document explains how Act! can help an organisation to comply.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018. In the UK they replace the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. The GDPR will ensure that all companies that use personal information of European residents only do so in accordance with the privacy and other standards set out in the GDPR. Some of the regulatory concepts and principles of DPA – for example what makes up personal information, protecting medical and other very personal information, subject access requests - have only slightly been changed or enhanced by the GDPR. However GDPR introduces new regulations and requirements – for example stronger personal rights, like being able to stop automated processing, and stronger 

GDPR and Act! CRM
Organisations which communicate openly how they work within GDPR are likely to be trusted by prospects and customers, so have an advantage over competitors. Conversely, failure to comply with GDPR can lead to monetary fines and loss of reputation. So it is important that companies have an ongoing approach to reviewing and updating their business processes and policies, to become and remain GDPR compliant.


2018-04-27 16:42:00

HHC 8.0 for IOS is HERE, and it's BIG!

We are very excited to announce the release of HHC 8.0, the latest iOS build for Handheld Contact. HHC 8.0 ushers in a new era for Act! mobility as it delivers support for Opportunities and Secondary Contacts, as well as more configurable options for Histories and Notes. 

You asked, and we listened. 

HHC 8.0 is the most “Act-like” user experience for mobility, with the full power of your favourite CRM at your fingertips. 

The new features include:


2018-03-19 12:42:54

Mike Muhney uses Handheld Contact

It's been 31 years since the launch of Act!, and we're proud to say that one of the two co-founders of Act!, Mike Muhney, is one of our newest Handheld Contact users.

Mike has returned to his roots and has once again embraced Act! as his CRM, just as Swiftpage is about to launch the next generation of Act! CRM software - namely Act! Premium Plus.

"As one of the co-parents of Act!, I'm proud to see how my child has grown up", said Mike recently, and he is especially pleased with the mobility and freedom Handheld Contact offers him.


2018-03-16 00:41:51

New HHC Android build and Windows Console available today

Keystroke is pleased to announce that our new HHC Windows console and Android builds will be released today, and the following is a breakdown of what updates are included in each:
Handheld Contact for Android v3.1.1.2
  • NEW: Secondary contacts (requires Handheld Contact computer app or higher)
  • NEW: Duplicate contacts
  • NEW: User statistics screen
  • NEW: Device data summary screen
  • Added ability to copy text from view mode of notes and history items for Regarding and Details fields
  • Users can now tap or swipe through tabs in View contact screen
  • Some other general improvements and bug fixes
Handheld Contact Computer Application v4.2.1.3
  • Secondary contacts
  • Fixed bug where opportunity was not synced to the phone after its status has been changed
  • Fixed bug where syncing was crashing due to empty Stage and/or Process names in Act!
  • Fixed bug where syncing was crashing due to a large size of config file
  • If opportunities are disabled for syncing - Product list is not synced in config
Thanks and enjoy.


2018-01-31 15:32:41

HHC 7.3.2 for IOS expected out today

We're pleased to announce that HHC 7.3.2 for IOS was submitted to Apple on December 20th for publishing, and we expect to be available later today for download.
This version focused primarily on bug fixes, UI issues, and sync enhancements. We want to thank the many international beta testers that provided valuable feedback in preparation for this release.
As our loyal subscribers know, HHC underwent a complete rewrite in the summer to prepare for future builds, and this process was difficult. Many of the lessons from the past had to be relearned, but we believe the program now has a better foundation to support features like Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, and Custom Tables.
Stay tuned as we expect to release support for Opportunities & Secondary Contacts next month.


2017-12-21 11:12:04
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