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HHC computer application build, version is now released

New Handheld Contact computer application build, version is now released. Changes in this build:
   * Better syncing performance
   * Fixed issue with emoji characters causing parsing problems
   * Fixed issue with Advanced settings not initializing properly in some cases
   * Minor bug fixes and improvements


2018-07-23 15:34:22

Handheld Contact for Android v3.1.3.0 is available on Google Play

Handheld Contact for Android v3.1.3.0
- Added ability to choose whether to save history from incoming calls to Act! or not
- Added ability to choose how to set date/time of the history when activity is cleared
- Better handling of incoming phone numbers
- Fixed bug where history of incoming calls was saved with last opened contact instead with My record
- Fixed bug where in rare cases contact details were not refreshed after deleting phone number 
- Fixed bug where deleted items were showing in keyword search results


2018-06-12 15:11:22

HHC for Android version is now live at Google Play Store

Changes in this build:


* NEW: Added ability to request Send all data from Handheld Contact computer application (requires Handheld Contact Computer app version or higher)


2018-05-28 14:49:41

Patch Notes - HHC computer application

05/15/2018 - Version - HHC computer application
    * Added support for security protocol TLS1.2
    * Separated selection of notes and history items for syncing is now available
    * Added ability to sync multi select drop-down lists for mapped fields
    * Added ability to receive and process request for Send all data from the device
    * Added option for admin users to restrict ability of requesting Resend all data to other users 
    * Additional copy of settings file is now saved and replaced every 10 days to allow user to load more recent changes in rare cases when settings file may become corrupted and some data may be deleted
    * Few bug fixes and improvements

Note: Multi select drop-downs and resend all data from device are not available yet on the device.


2018-05-15 18:27:09

GDPR Privacy Update

At Handheld Contact, we value your privacy and the security of your data, so we wanted to explain the nature of our services, the security measures we currently have in place, as well as some changes we’re making to further protect your data that will go into effect on May 15, 2018.

Here’s a quick summary:


  • In preparation for upcoming changes to data protection laws in Europe, we added a feature to our service to limit the length of time sync log files are stored on our servers, and changed the default for everyone to zero.
  • HHC Windows Console will support latest security protocol TLS1.2

Security  Privacy Policy  GDPR  Europe

2018-04-27 14:47:17
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