Handheld Contact for Android now available

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Handheld Contact for Android is now available on Google Play and includes support for Sales Opportunities, one of our most-requested features, and an intuitive Tag Mode to quickly perform actions with multiple Act! Contacts.</span>

Use an Apple iPhone or iPad? Stay tuned — Sales Opportunities and Tag Mode will soon be available for Handheld Contact for iOS. 



Sales Opportunities 

Critical Sales Opportunity and Product details are now available at your fingertips so you can convert leads, drive sales, and track progress conveniently from Handheld Contact. We are excited to deliver an Act! feature that sales professional depend so much on and carefully designed Sales Opportunities to help boost productivity with the details that matter. 


Existing Handheld Contact user?

If you plan to use Sales Opportunities in Handheld Contact you will also need to ensure your Handheld Contact Computer Application is up-to-date and that Sales Opportunities is enabled on any accounts requiring it.

Read these instructions to add Sales Opportunities to your Android device: 


Tag Mode

Tag Mode in Handheld Contact  is based on the Act! feature and focuses on fast, seamless interactions with multiple people.  Select multiple contacts in your Contact List in Handheld Contact and with a single press instantly create a lookup, send them an e-mail, send them a text message, or pinpoint their addresses in a single map to see where they are. 


Other Improvements in Handheld Contact for Android:

Important information about this release:

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