Handheld Contact makes it simple to go mobile with the power to wirelessly access and manage your Act!™ Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device – even without an Internet connection.

Do you use Handheld Contact on your Apple iPhone or iPad?
Find the latest updates on HHC for iOS 7.2 release on our status page, or click HERE to learn about the recently released HHC 7.3.1.

Offline access so you're never left hanging

No Internet? No problem. Handheld Contact does not rely on the Internet to function, so you can access and manage your Act! data on your device anytime - even in airplane mode.

Enjoy Act! features that matter

Access to contacts, activities, notes, and history. Clear activities, schedule follow-ups, and create, modify, delete as you would in Act!. All the key tasks you do in Act! on your computer are just as obvious and simple in Handheld Contact.

Put your mobile Act! experience first

Handheld Contact is a native mobile app you install on your device making it possible to deliver a productive, hassle-free experience. You'll never waste time waiting for a mobile site to load or have to use your phone's pre-installed contact or calendar apps as an Act! substitute.

Alarms that keep you in the loop

Your smartphone or tablet will alert you of all your scheduled Act! Alarms. And Act! Alarms created in Handheld Contact on your mobile device will alert you in Act! on your PC or laptop as well. And HHC alarms also work on Apple Watch!

Intelligent background syncing

Handheld Contact intelligently syncs your mobile device and Act! database in the background wirelessly over the Internet. If there is no Internet connection your device will update the next time it connects.

Works without Act! open

If you use Act! on premise, Handheld Contact seamlessly works even if your Act! software isn't running or the database open. 

Easy to add to your Act! environment

Use Act! Premium and Pro? Installing Handheld Contact requires no additional changes to your Act! environment. In fact, most of the leading Act! hosting providers support HHC synching on their servers, to provide you completely hands free management of your Handheld Contact. Ask your hosting provider if they support HHC before you renew or sign-up.

Affordable mobility for eveyone

We will never surprise you with additional charges – our subscription and support options are affordable and predictable. All subscriptions include unlimited sync access, unlimited e-mail support, and unlimited software upgrades.

Easy to manage users

You can manage one or many users and customize their settings, all from a single Handheld Contact computer application installation.

Make it yours

Act! can be tailored to meet your business needs and your mobile app should too. That's why Handheld Contact has a variety of customization features you control so you have access to meaningful data.

Know who's calling before you answer

Unrecognizable phone numbers can be a time-waster or missed opportunity. With Handheld Contact, callers are associated with your Act! Contacts so you know who's calling and can handle it exactly how you like.

Automatic interaction tracking

Whenever you call, e-mail, or text message a contact, Handheld Contact automatically creates an Act! history record for you and asks for details.

Top-notch team collaboration

With seamless Act! integration, collaborating with colleagues is simple whether, you are working from Handheld Contact on your mobile device or a computer. Handheld Contact automatically keeps all Act! computers or laptops and all Handheld Contact-powered mobile devices up-to-date with the latest details.

Date and phone numbers just work

Handheld Contact recognizes different phone number and date formats so your records are easy to manage and it's easy to initiate calls. HHC also works with different international phone formats - one of the few mobile solutions that can say that.

The integrity of your Act! data is paramount

Unlike other mobile solutions for Act!, Handheld Contact properly integrates with Act! enabling it to respect data types, validate information you enter, protect your Act! database from duplicates, and make your Act! data more meaningful.

Secure with no dependencies

Handheld Contact is a complete, end-to-end mobile solution specifically designed for Act! and does not rely on the end-user setting up and configuring servers or using other third-party apps or services. Your data is encrypted during syncing and not permanently stored.

Easy to setup and use.

Anyone can setup Handheld Contact, thanks to its PC and mobile apps that are easy to install and eliminate the need to be an expert with servers or networking to go mobile.  And Handheld Contact is easy to use, as well. HHC is an independent app on your device that is easy to navigate, unlike other products that rely on the Internet browser or native contacts/calendar apps.

The go-to mobile solution for Act! since 2002

Handheld Contact is a proven solution built on years of experience, that helps businesses around the world boost productivity and save time. We are dedicated to providing Act! users like yourself with a simple, complete mobile solution that works with popular devices.