Handheld Contact

HHC Konfigurator 2020 Q3

Please complete the following questionnaire to help us recommend which mobile product you could use. You may not be required to answer all the questions at any given point if we could determine which product based on your answers.

1. Act! Version

What version of Act! do you have?


2. User level security roles

What is the minimum Act! Security Role level do you need to allow access to Handheld Contact?


3. Number of contacts

How many contacts do you need?


4. HIPAA compliance

Do you have HIPAA compliance?


5. Mandatory login

Do you require repeated password entry for login?


6. Management control

Does management need to control all aspects of HHC?


7. Secondary contacts

Do you need secondary contacts?


8. Favorites tagging

Do you want to be able to tag favorites?


9. Multiple devices access

Do you want to be able to access Handheld Contact from multiple devices using one account?


10. Real-time response

Do you need IMMEDIATE response from Act! to device?


11. Offline access

Do you need offline access?


Thank you for filling in the questionnaire. Based on your answers so far, we recommend the following product.

Unfortunately, there is no suitable product that perfectly matches your needs at this time. Please click here to see all available products and their feature comparison.
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