HHC Classic / Secure+
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Contact Details

Always have complete contact information at your fingertips, including up to fifty custom fields to provide you Act! like details away from the office. What's more, all data is actionionable, as clicking phone, email, and address fields will launch your device's corresponding functions.

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Robust Calendar

Read and record all calendar activities in Handheld Contact like you would within Act!. Clear activities, schedule follow-ups, use matching custom activites, and record activity outcomes, and have all this information sync back to Act! for ultimate data integrity and accountability.

Task List

View and clear all your activities in a familiar Task List mode, just like in Act!, which provides users a simple list of all their activities in one visually intuitive view. 

Home Screen

One convenient mobile landing page that provides easy access to all Handheld Contact core functions. If you'd prefer another landing page, HHC allows you to configure alternative starting screens.

Opportunity Details

Pipeline Management is useful, but to really be effective on the road you need access to the nitty-gritty details of your Sales Opportunities, and the detail view provides all that. View & Update all aspects of the Opportunity, including status, probability, estimated closing date, products, and linked Contacts & Companies.

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Sharing Contacts

Added "Share" option in View contact screen that allows you to share contact's information through vCard or plain text with available apps on your phone. Imagine the ease with which you'll be able to refer one of your contacts to a colleague. Perfect for networkers!

Tag and Go!

Our exclusive "Tagging" tool allows you to cherry pick contacts and then launch action functions like group emails, group SMS, and group plotting of contacts on a map from the convenience of your mobile device.

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Never miss another Birthday!

The "Alerts" feature ensures you never miss an important date or activity. More than simple alarms, Alerts notifies you of upcoming annual events like birthdays and anniversaries, as well as pending scheduled activites in your calendars. Alert's also appear on your calendar.

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Emails that make History

Accountability demands that all your client communication gets track back to History in Act!, and Handheld Contact has got you covered. All emails launched from HHC get synced back to Act!.

Keyword Search

Handheld Contact makes it easy to find anything in your database, as now you can search all fields, Histories, Notes, Activities, and Opportunities in one step, and deliver the search results in an easy-to-manage filtered list view.

Map on the Go!

Handhed Contact allows you to plot the contacts in a search or "tagged" lookup onto a map for easy navigation on the road. What's more, we're enhancing this functionality with the soon-to-be-released "mobile mapping", that will enable you to plot all your daily appointments on a map, and then see recommended routes for greater efficiency.

Text Messages that make History

Like with emails, you need all your client communication to be tracked back to History in Act!, and again, Handheld Contact has got you covered. All SMS's launched from HHC get synced back to Act!, and this includes group text messages, as well. This feature can also be enabled or disabled based on user preference.


Handheld Contact makes it easy to create dynamic groups with saved searches. Want to create a query, and save it for future use, "Searches is the answer. What's more, you can use the results to send group emails and text messages from your phone, as well as plot them on a map.


Do you freuqntly contact the same people over and over again, but often at different numbers? Your phone only allows you to save one contact number per Favorite, whereas the HHC Favorites feature gives you access to all their contact information in one easy list on your home screen.

Security your business demands

Is your industry governed by HIPAA compliance, or have heightened security needs for the customer data? If so, HHC Secure+ could be the answer. This solution employs an additional layer of security to safeguard your data from unauthorized mobile access.

Opportunity Lists

Being able to create or edit an opportunity on the road is vital, but managing your entire pipeline is just as important. Only HHC provides you the mobile ability to filter by date range, status, process, stage, total, user and probability, just like you would in Act!.

Mobile Quoting & Invoicing

Now quoting or invoicing on the road is as easy as creating or editing an Opportunity. With Handheld Contact, you are one click away from generating a professional looking quote or invoice you'll be proud to send. Simply open or edit an an opportunity, and click the share PDF icon, and you're ready to email it to your prospect.

Other Handheld Contact productivity features

Features designed to put the power of Act! in your hands - anywhere!

Manage Multiple Users

You can manage one or more users and customize each of their individual settings, all from a single centralized Handheld Contact computer application installation for easier & more secure and reliable administration.

Alarms that keep you in the loop

Your smartphone or tablet will alert you of all your scheduled Act! alarms, as well as upcoming annual events like Birthdays and Anniversaries you cannot afford to miss. And they work with the same alarm notice settings as you configure in Act!. HHC alarms also work on Apple Watch!

Phone features that just work - internationally

Handheld Contact recognizes different phone number and date formats so your records are easy to manage and it's easy to initiate calls. HHC also works with different international phone formats - one of the few mobile solutions that can say that.

Import & Export Contacts & Calendars

If you want to exchange contact & calendar information between your device and HHC, use our handy Imort/Export features. HHC supports the importing of Contacts from your device into HHC, and exporting from HHC to your device's address book. Similarily, HHC now can export calendar details to your devices native calendar, and in selectively pull in activities from your calendar into HHC, where it will then sync with Act!.

Easy to setup and use

Anyone can set up Handheld Contact, thanks to its PC and mobile apps that are easy to install. You don’t need to be a technology expert to take your ACT! information mobile. And Handheld Contact is easy to use, with an intuitive big button interface that will have you up and running in minutes.

The integrity of your Act! data is paramount

Unlike other mobile solutions for Act!, Handheld Contact properly integrates with Act! enabling it to respect data types, validate information you enter, protect your Act! database from duplicates, and make your Act! data more meaningful.

Offline access so you're never left hanging

No Internet? No problem. Handheld Contact is an offline application that only relies on the Internet to sync updates, so you can access and manage your Act! data faster and from anywhere - even in airplane mode.

Automatic mobile History tracking

Whenever you call, e-mail, or text message a contact, Handheld Contact automatically creates an Act! history record for you and asks for details, and then syncs that information back to your database for lights-out accountability.

Your mobile marketing assistant

On the road but need to get a message out to a group of your contacts? No problem with HHC. You can select your target audience with our "tagging feature", or use our "Searches" feature, where you can easily define a reusable LookUp (like Groups) to which you can broadcast time-sensitive emails or SMS text messages from anywhere.

Enjoy Act! features that matter

Not just about Contacts & Calendars, Handheld Contact features Notes, Histories, Opportunities, and Secondary Contacts for a true mobile Act! experience. Clear activities, schedule follow-ups, and create, modify, and delete as you would in Act!, but from your mobile device.

Find your data faster and easier

With the data on your device, your data is accessible instantly. Handheld Contact alos makes it easier to find your contact, calendar and opportunity details fast with advacned search tools like Keywork Search, reusable "Group-like" Searches, and powerful Contact lookups that allow you to search by upto three criteria.

How does Handheld Contact syncing work?

The magic behind the Handheld Contact syncing is that all communication between your computer and your devices flows through our secure server (mware) which ensures the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and security. Both sides communicate with the same server, and the changes are always reconciled properly to update your CRM data in the appropriate direction. With each update, that information is then removed from our server until the next sync.
This method ensures that none of your sensitive information is left on our servers for longer than it takes it takes to update your computer or device, and all data resides where you need it - either in Act! or your mobile device (see illustration below).