Handheld Contact releasing new API product in January 2020

Handheld Contact is excited to announce that it will be releasing "Handheld Contact API" in January, a new mobile client that can sync directly to the master database for faster updates, more data, and can be used with multiple devices at no extra cost. This is the update our customers have been waiting for! wireless syncing of contacts, calendars, task lists, opportunities, notes & histories No Windows Console needed, syncs directly with master database using the Act! WebAPI No...

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HHC now supports Quoting, and much more!

New quoting features, proximity search, calendar importing, and HHC Restore are coming to a mobile device near you!Some exciting changes are being introduced with Handheld Contact this week, making the #1 Act! mobile experience more complete than ever before.Quoting/Invoicing: Ever finish a meeting with a prospect that ends with you saying "I'll send you a quote when I get back to the office". Well, Handheld Contact just made it possible to quote or invoice them instantly, and...

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Handheld Contact a publié de nouvelles mises à jour pour Android et iOS

Handheld Contact a publié dernièrement deux mises à jour principales pour les appareils, avec Android v3.1.7.0 maintenant disponible dans Google Play store, et la version 8.3.3 pour iOS prévue dans les prochains jours.Changements dans la version Android :NOUVEAU: Suppression de la permission "READ_CALL_LOG" et "WRITE_CALL_LOG" (l’accès aux fonctionnalités d’appel) conformément à la nouvelle politique de...

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Have you driven HHC lately?

With two new versions of Handheld Contact scheduled for release this week, thought it fitting to review all the changes we've introduced to the #1 mobile application for Act! over the last 18 months. In June 2017 we started a complete rebuild of Handheld Contact on a new platform.  This was done so we could add many new features which were requested by our Handheld Contact customers.  AS you can see we have added over 20 new featuresThe new features include:Mapping Location Field

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Android Update

A new HHC for Android build v. was just released on Google play addressing sound issue while syncing on phones with OS Oreo+ and two other minor bugs.