The #1 Mobile Solution for Act!

Handheld Contact is so feature rich your team may never need to return to the office again!
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Manage your contacts with ease

Handheld Contact makes it easy to find your contacts fast with on-premise speed, and four separate convenient and powerful search tools to help you quickly find what you're looking for! Once you find the contact, you have one-click access to calling, emailing, or text messaging them, all of which get recorded to Act! history. The Contact Detail view also provides easy access to Histories, Notes, Activities, Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, and mapping of any address.

Schedule your activities like you would in Act!
Easily manage your calendars just like Act! with monthly, weekly, daily and tasklist view of all your activities. Create, edit, reschedule, and clear activities of any type, like you would with Act!, and then schedule follow-ups in the same workflow - all from your mobile device, with every action recorded and synced to your Act! History. Handheld Contact even supports sending invitations to people you've scheduled activities with, and it only takes one extra click.
Pipeline tools to empower your road warriors

Don't let mobility slow down your sales people as Handheld Contact provides you unparalleled access to your pipeline details from anywhere, with or without Internet. Create, edit, manage all your opportunities with the simple filtering tools you expect from Act!, and easily send and receive those updates to the office. Handheld Contact will soon even support quoting from your mobile device!

Mapping, plus too many other features to list!
Handheld Contact can be tailored to meet all your mobile CRM needs, including mobile mapping for route planning, semail & SMS blasts to multiple contacts, alerts to upcoming activities and annual events like birthdays and anniversaries. Network like a champ with the ability to share contact details with others by email with a single click. You can also save time by duplicating contacts for easier data entry of multiple contacts from the same company. And speaking of easier data entry, HHC supports business card scanning and voice-to-text recording of notes and histories!

Our Customers Have Spoken!
HHC has been the #1 mobile solution for Act! since 2002

Handheld Contact is a proven solution built on years of experience, that helps businesses around the world boost productivity and save time. We are dedicated to providing Act! users like yourself with a simple, complete mobile solution that works with popular devices.