Handheld Contact is excited to announce that it will be releasing "Handheld Contact API" in January, a new mobile client that can sync directly to the master database for faster updates, more data, and can be used with multiple devices at no extra cost.
This is the update our customers have been waiting for!
  • wireless syncing of contacts, calendars, task lists, opportunities, notes & histories
  • No Windows Console needed, syncs directly with master database using the Act! WebAPI
  • No contact limit
  • Supports multiple devices per account
  • New Dashboard
  • Modern new look
The first release of Handheld Contact API will be for IOS users only, and we expect the Android version to be released in Q2. All Handheld Contact API users will require a current Act! subscription to use the WebAPI, and be assigned "WebAPI" permission in the Define Users section of their database. Please consult your Act! Administrator on this.
Minimal setup is required as users simply enter their database credentials & location, and the syncing begins immediately. Some features like quoting and mobile mapping will be added over time with subsequent updates. No more waiting for the HHC Console as long queues could lead to delays in updates. Handheld Contact API waits in line for no one, as all users & all devices get their updates directly from the source, immediately.
Like with all new technology, there are some features that will evolve over time as the Act! WebAPI matures & develops, but the most significant to Act! users will be the lack of configurable controls over who gets what. In other words, we can no longer govern which contacts are synced by limiting them to a group, because the API does not currently support that. Nor does it have endpoints for sync sets, which would have also allowed us to limit the contacts that are synced. The absence of the Handheld Contact Console does simply setup, but it also limits some of the centralized security Administrators have long enjoyed. If this remains a priority for your organization, we recommend continued use of our legacy version.
This new service is available for only $16 more than the legacy service, despite including support for multiple devices and unlimited contacts. The Handheld Contact API subscriptions will be available for $96 by the second half of January, and we expect to release it to beta in mid-December for a full-month of testing.